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Pressure care mattresses play a significant part in how we rest, sleep and recovery from illness or injury. Choose from a range of pressure care mattress designed to reduce the risk of pressure sores and associated pain.

Pressure relieving devices are known to promote blood flow and vascular supply by applying and removing the pressure from the body, Thus mimicking spontaneous body repositioning and aiding in the prevention while healing of ischemic ulcer formation. Our alternating air mattresses such as the Apex range of PM265 or PM 268 are most the sought-after brands. These provide a high performing solution for hospital, aged care facilities and especially in the home.

GMS Rehabilitation has a range of Australian made pressure care solutions like Zenith memory form mattresses. These Mattresses are also available with cut out sections where a Roho mattress insert section slots can be custom designed for people at high risk of developing pressure ulcer formation.

What is critical in pressure relief and reduction is being able to identify risk/pressure ulcer formation. Knowing how to minimise the impacts for pressure/shear/friction and matching risk to equipment for best outcomes.
So, why not call GMS Rehabilitation today, to discuss various mattress and pressure care options to best suit the individual.

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