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Product Code: WAF705350

Aspire Vogue Carbon Walker


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The Aspire Vogue Carbon Walker is a super lightweight 5kg carbon fibre all-rounder rollator with loop braking system. Making this product suitable for someone with limited mobility and with potential risk for falling. This Aspire vogue walker has 23.3cm (8") wheels which can assist in going over uneven surfaces with ease, folds easily for transport.

Comes with fully waterproof vinyl bag which is attached to the frame.

Key features:
- Smooth height adjustability
- Innovative design and look
- Lockable handbrakes
- Super lightweight
- Locks when folded
- TPE super soft wheels
1 year warranty

Overall length: 68cm
Overall width: 60cm
Folding width: 22.5cm
Seat depth: 19cm
Seat height: 55cm
Seat width: 46cm
Handle height: 69.5cm-92cm
Safe working load: 150kg


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