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Batec Scrambler 2

Product Code: BATEC.25.61.005


The Batec Scrambler 2 is the most powerful handbike Batec has created yet. Created with motorbike enthusiasts and off-road adventure lovers in mind.

The Scrambler gives the user the opportunity to be self-sufficient and proactive. The attachable handbike allows for an easily accessible motor for your wheelchair without sacrificing the benefits of a manual chair. Quickly and easily attachable to the chair. Overcomes previous barriers such as kerbs, cobblestones, and irregular terrain. Also equipped with a reversing gear. The Scrambler 2 will assist in getting you through many obstacles.

The BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 reinforces its level of safety thanks to the new Galfer floating brake disc and a new, more powerful double headlight. In addition, if you activate the anti-slip function, you will be able to accelerate without fear of the wheel skidding.

  • Go from reduced mobility to augmented mobility, from needing help from others to being self-sufficient and proactive.
  • Get a 2-in-1: a motor for your wheelchair without sacrificing the benefits of a manual chair.
  • Overcome barriers: kerbs, cobblestones, irregular terrain… Don’t let anything slow you down!
  • Attach it to your chair in just seconds without transfers. The fastest anchor system on the market!

* In line with Australian standards the Batec Scrambler 2 has to be speed controlled for use on roads*

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