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Batec Scrambler

Product Code: BATEC.25.13.001


Customisable by the specialist S.E.A.T team.


The Batec Scrambler is the most powerful handbike Batec has created yet. Created with motorbike enthusiasts and off-road adventure lovers in mind. The Scrambler has 19″ wheels with a 1400-lumen double front light, boasting a 1200w motor! Reaches maximum speeds of 30km/h*.

The Scrambler gives the user the opportunity to be self-sufficient and proactive. The attachable handbike allows for an easily accessible motor for your wheelchair without sacrificing the benefits of a manual chair. Quickly and easily attachable to the chair.

Overcomes previous barriers such as kerbs, cobblestones, and irregular terrain. Also equipped with a reversing gear. The Scrambler will assist in getting you through many obstacles.

Available in a stylish graphite colour!

* In line with Australian standards the Batec Scrambler has to be speed controlled for use on roads*

Watch in the Scrambler in action!

Batec Scrambler Product Information

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