Forté Zephair ZA1000

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The Forté Zephair ZA1000 Gentle Critical Care Air mattress system provides true leadership when patient care demands unprecedented comfort alongside outstanding care. Tried and trusted by facilities and homecare alike, the Zephair provides Gentle Critical Care, Pressure Injury Prevention, Pain Management, Comfort & Compliance, Stability and Safety and Falls Risk Prevention. By optimising patient function, reducing risk of pain and injury, the Zephair increases dignity, independence, and cognitive welfare for vulnerable patients.

  • Firm Foundation
  • Sloped Heel Region
  • Profile Stabilising Sides
  • 22 Cells
  • Easy to Access CPR
  • Silent Ergonomic Pump
  • Power Cord Safety Retention System

Zephair ZA1000
ZAS1000 1980x880x215 Single
ZAKS1000 1980x1050x215 King Single

Effective Weight Capacity: 180KG

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Weight N/A

Single, King Single

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