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Quad Cushion



The Quad Cushion is high quality multi-use supportive cushion to help your comfort in many positions

A four-function support cushion that helps support the spine in its correct alignment whether lying down or sitting. Rippled surface disperses pressure and provides wonderful comfort and support for the lower back, under knees, under ankles (leaves heels free) and useful as a lower back support when sitting upright.
Designed for maximum support and use. Four great cushions in one!

Under Heels: avoids the formation of pressure ulcers on the heels
Under Knees: assists circulation and diffuses load on the lower back
Behind back when lying: provides gentle lumbar support easing back pain
Behind back when sitting: a lower back support
Provides superb comfort and support for the lower back, under knees, under Achilles (leaves heels ‘free’), and useful as a lower back support for the upright position

Facilitates better circulation
Unique rippled surface diffuses pressure
Maintains the spine’s natural curvature
Helps relieve stress on joints
Hygienic wipe-over waterproof (hospital approved) cover
Optional cotton over slip
Two densities to choose from: Memory Foam or Traditional Foam

Medium Profile: 33 cm across x 57 cm wide x 9 cm high.

Note: The memory foam, orange version and is the same foam used in CompleteSleeprrr memory foam plus

The Traditional foam, yellow version is the same foam used in the CompleteSleeprrr deluxe pillow

Available in 2 cover options – Dura-Fab and Steri-Plus

Dura-Fab & Steri-Plus material cover options:
Most products in the Thera-med range offer cover options of the soft and durable fabric Dura-Fab, or moisture and bacteria-resistant Steri-Plus.

Dura-Fab is in attractive woven & washable polyester, while Steri-Plus has a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric.

Care Instructions
Inner: Do not immerse in water. Dab clean with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat away from direct sunlight.

Steri-Plus Cover: It resists moisture, and is easily cleaned by wiping down with mild detergent warm water, and hung to dry. Wipe stains using a non-phenolic disinfectant in a diluted solution. (Do Not Use dry cleaning solvents, or phenolic disinfectants). Do not bleach. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Line dry. Do not iron. It is an extremely sturdy material that withstands body loads. It is in a clinical yet attractive mid green color.

FREIGHT: small

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