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Trust Care Let’s Go Indoor Walker

Product Code: HMR.0020




This Let’s go indoor walker is ideal for individuals with limited movement in arms/hands or can only use one hand to operate the walker. This walker provides a great solution for those needing to carry meals, drinks or household items safely around the house. It is light, smooth and flexible to operate.

Swedish Designed

Key Features/Benefits
•Can be used in narrow spaces like Bathroom and Toilet,
•Doubles as a Kitchen Trolley for Carrying Meals
•A Textile Basket may be placed under tray for storing small items,
•If needed, this Walker is Easily Operated with One Hand only,
•Brake may be used to park Walker to become a Dinner or Card Tray,
•Soft and Quiet Wheels that roll easily over carpets.

– Handle Height 78-90 cm.
– Tray Height 68 cm.
– Length 63 cm.
– Width 54 cm.
– Net weight 6.5 kg.
– Max user weight 100 kg.

One (1) year warranty,
Does not include wear parts.

Tested and Approved:
The Walkers are tested according to: ISO 11199-2:2006,

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