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Schwable Tyres

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GMS offers a range of the durable reliable Schwable tyres to meet the needs of every individual. Innovative Schwable tyres are an industry leader in tyre technology, boasting superior user comfort and puncture resistance.


Rightrun & Rightrun Plus: Schwable’s primary tyre, offering many features including an effective puncture protection layer, hand-friendly 2Grip side walls, and non-marking tread.

Marathon & Marathon Plus: Schwables leading tyre for puncture resistance, with innovative SmartGuard and anti-aging smart wall technology Schwable has set the bench mark for tyre performance.

Downtown: An all rounder tyre that improves everyday life by giving the user extra grip and comfort with 2Grip side walls.

Airborne: Created with Aaron Fotheringham, member of MTV Nitro Circus, the Airborne is 30mm wider with supreme puncture control technology. Offering extremely low weight, rolling resistance, and optimal user comfort.

Various tubes with different valves such as highpressure and auto valves are also available.

Please get in contact with our sales team to learn more about the range we offer. Our qualified S.E.A.T department determines appropriate size and tyre type for each individual case to optimize user satisfaction. Contact now.

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