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SMOOV Power Assist Device

Product Code: AL.1592898

Brochure link: HERE


The SMOOV is an electric power assist drive unit for active wheelchairs which significantly increases the driver’s mobility and flexibility.

The key benefits at a glance,

  • Discreet, unobtrusive design
  • Swivelling drive wheel for dynamic driving
  • Extremely swift, turns itself on the spot
  • Efficient, high performance drive unit
  • Tilted driving is also possible with the SMOOV one
  • Intuitive docking and undocking of the drive unit and control unit
  • Easy to use thanks to ergonomic, wireless control unit
  • Individual adjustment and extension of the scope of functions possible via the SMOOV mobility App

Wheelchair mounting

The SMOOV one was designed to be combined with rigid-frame wheelchairs. For this purpose, a small bracket must be fitted to the wheelchair crossbar. This is available for all current tube diameters. To attach the SMOOV one to folding wheelchairs, an optional adapter axel is required. This is fitted between the stub axles. The SMOOV one can be combined with folding wheelchairs with a wheel camber up to 2deg.

ITEM WEIGHT: 8kg Approximately

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