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Tranquillow Memory Foam Pillow

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The Tranquillow Memory Foam Pillow is contructed from one piece of premium-grade memory foam with temperature-sensitive elastic foam that adjusts to body temperature while molding to individual’s head and neck. Creating a peaceful sleeping environment by taking pressure away from those areas.

Available in two different profiles.

Low: 51cm L x 38cm W x 11.5cm (high side) and 10cm (low side)
Medium: 51cm L x 38cm W x 12.5cm (high side) and 11cm (low side)

Care Instructions: Please do not machine wash, fully immerse in water, or tumble dry. The pillow only requires a light dab with warm soapy water. Due to the density of pillow it may take some time to dry.

100% cotton cover: Normal wash and dry (Try to avoid removal of cover too frequently to preserve foam better).

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Low, Medium

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