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Traveller Memory Foam Neck Support

Product Code: TPI.A135011000


The Traveller Memory Foam Neck Support is ideal for supporting the neck and head when sitting and travelling.

It remains in place through adjustable Velcro fastening. Breathable cover filled with polyester fibre. Doesn’t sweat like inflatable travel pillows! This neck support pillow is lightweight, portable and washable too.

Travellers Pillow – The perfect neck support Travel Pillow

Great for tours & holidays
Supports the head in a secure, safe and comfortable position … for a more restful sleep during travel times and for dozing in chairs.

For adults and children, Traveller’s Pillow is soft and supportive, adjustable, compact, washable.

Great for dozing in chairs, car or plane. Soft yet supportive polyester fibre filling. Open-weave ‘breathing’ cover. Doesn’t sweat (unlike inflatables)! Adjustable, compact, washable.
The neck support pillow that is ideal for adults and children and gives you comfort with support

It lets you sleep sitting up in a plane, bus or car.
Helps prevent head lolling sideways, so sleep is not disturbed.
Doesn’t let your head fall forward and make your neck ache.
Neck Support Pillow supports the head and neck, promotes better posture while resting.
Special open-weave cover gives Traveller’s Pillow ‘breathing’ qualities.
Adjustable – toggle makes it ideal for both children and adults.
Gentle on skin. Allergen-free.
Helps prevent head rolling sideways, so sleep patterns remain undisturbed.
Inner circumference tape-reinforced, providing added strength and shape retention.

Product dimensions: 30 cm x 11cm

FREIGHT: small

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