The Zoom – All Terrain off-road 4 wheel drive wheelchair

Product Code: ZOOM.UPHILL


Zoom All Terrain wheelchair is a very unique all wheel drive power chair, above all others in its class. The chassis is linked which means all wheels are in continuous contact with the ground – with the same down force and grip on all wheels regardless of the terrain. This wheelchair can go anywhere – beach, bush and off-road.

The vehicle can typically climb obstacles up to 20cm tall. The chassis design makes the Zoom able to easily combat uneven surfaces. The motors are located inside the wheel hubs which contributes to a low center of gravity and provides continuous four-wheel operation.

The motors have a combined torque of 210 Nm, which provides superior power in rough terrain.

  • The tires are narrow and cross patterned which provides additional traction on soft surface such as snow and sand.
  • The battery pack consists of 2 LiFePO4 48 V/10 Ah units in parallel.
  • The wheels have a differentiated asymmetrical wheelbase on each side. The wheel placement in combination with the linked frame and absence of suspension provides very low rolling friction to the ground, and contributes to superior traction and good battery economy.
  • The seat is reclined to give a comfortable ride and to minimize spine compression when driving off road.
  • Permanent symmetrical 4-wheel drive Hub motors
  •  Speed: 20km/h**
  •  Acceleration: 20km/h in approximately 2 seconds
  • Power: 4 x 1000 W [4 kW] •
  • Batteries: 2 x 48V / 10Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells. Detachable, rechargeable.
  • Charge time: About 2-4 hours
  • Range: 40km on one charge, on smooth surfaces and even throttle use. *Range is dependent on rider weight, surface type, terrain and riding style. In terrain it typically run for 19-27 km on a fully charged battery.
  • Aluminum wheels | Frame: Steel | Black mudguards

Watch the Zoom on snow!

**May be capped to meet Australian Standards

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